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Call for Articles

 Call for Articles for the next Issue of the JOE Journal 

Vol. 4:1 Topic: LOVE [our second annual Special Love Edition] (Jan-Mar, 2014)

Some Ideas: 

Can love be incorporated into education? Can love be incorporated into our daily lives more?
Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What is love? What are the different forms of love?
The Greeks defined many forms of love beyond what Westerners typically understand. What are some of those forms of love and how might they be better incorporated into our daily lives?

What are your experiences with love? What music, art, etc., represents love?

What is the antithesis of love and how is it represented in culture?

Please send your submissions by January 15, 2013 to Vanessa

 JOE Journal of Epistemology 
Dear Teachers, Parents, Students, Researchers, Artists, Musicians, Writers of all ages -- and EVERYONE who is interested in the Power of Knowledge: We are currently accepting articles, opinion pieces, literary works of all kinds, artwork, photographs, videos, music, and more for future issues of JOE, the Journal of Epistemology. All submissions are welcome!
We also accept voice recordings and videos for this multimedia journal. We are ALL teachers, researchers, and learners and there is so much we can learn from each other.
Epistemology is Power!

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