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BricolageQSGuide-1.jpgDo You Want to Teach, Write, or Design Instructional and Informative Materials?
We are all teachers of something, whether it's a special skill or trade, or whether we are teachers in the more traditional sense. Here, at Paradis Publications, we have extensively researched and are applying a NEW approach for education for a NEW Age. We provide extensive information about the process totally free of charge on this website and on the site we have developed in memory of the theorist who conceptualized this process at
We are seeking writers, teachers, and creators who are willing to learn and apply this new help us build the knowledge base for a new process for education and learning for all ages, interests, and abilities.
You can earn money while we work together to create the foundation of a new, creative educational process in which all learners can be successful.
Earn money sharing your knowledge!

We will pay for the following:
Articles and curricular materials for the Journal of Epistemology (JOE Journal)
Please review the most recent issues for ideas, although understand that we will be moving toward our exclusive form of bricolage processes. The journal has been quarterly, but we plan to move to monthly issues soon. We also plan additional publications to make use of similar types of articles, multimedia creations, photographs, artwork, etc.
Curricular materials
We are developing a curricular knowledge base that exemplifies our philosophy and new process for education. We are interested in curricular and instructional materials in virtually every domain and subject, but these must be adapted or at least adaptable to the educational theory presented on this site, which is why it's important to become familiar with it. We are not interested in the standard fare as far as curricular materials are concerned. We are not interested in instructional products that constrain what students are to learn through objectives and standards.

PAYMENT: We currently pay 5 cents per word for articles and curricular materials; payment for photos, artwork, etc. negotiable. We pay via PayPal or Money Order, according to your preference.

But you MUST learn at least the "Nuts and Bolts" of our process and begin to learn to apply it. This is important!
You can purchase the Bricolage Quick-Start DIY Guide for half price at only $5.50 if you are interested in this opportunity. Originally, $11.00, in the book is everything you need to know in order to get started writing or revising (if needed) articles and curricular materials we can publish in the JOE Journal, on our Joe Kincheloe website, and use as a foundational knowledge base for the new education process we have in development with partner business ventures. The book provides a complete guide to the foundation of entirely new processes for education, learning, researching, and writing.
Please purchase the book, study it, AND send us your resume or statement of interest, including how you can contribute to our mission to There are no tests.

PLEASE PURCHASE THE e-BOOK YOU WILL NEED AT HALF PRICE BELOW. Currently, this is the only "training" we offer. 
Please note that this offer may end at any time once we have enough authors and teachers for this phase of our project.
PAYPAL and credit cards accepted. The book will be emailed to you shortly as a pdf file.
If you want an instant download, it may also be ordered here, but there is no discount.  

Bricolagw Quick-Start DIY Guide

PAYPAL and credit cards accepted. 

Get started today to improve your research and writing, highly needed skills
for your future no matter what career you choose. Write the best researched papers ever!
This writing book is like no other! Learn more here and here
If you want to learn to use the POWER OF THE WORD this book is a MUST READ!

Table of Contents


What You Will Learn, 5

Introduction, 6

The Purpose of Education, 13

Treasure Hunting 101, 16

The Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage, 23

An Example of Improvisational Bricolage, 28

What Are the “Nuts and Bolts” of Bricolage?, 34

Critical Complex Epistemology, 41

D.I.Y. “Deprogramming”, 44

“MyStories”, 52

Write Your MyStory, 57

Practice Makes Perfect, 78

Philosophically Speaking, 80

Putting It All Together (Now), 81

Summary, and What’s Next?, 94

Research & Writing Map, 110

Questions?, 111

References and Recommended Reading, 113

Appendix-Sample Papers



What You Will Learn


- Secret writing tricks best-selling authors use (but don't want to admit)

- An introduction to “fourth dimension research”

- Treasure Hunting with “the gods”

- A new, easier, and more fun way to write

- How to get “behind the facts” and find hidden information

- How to use the Deep Web and other hidden sources

- How to make even the dullest topics fascinating

- How to develop your creative abilities and inherent genius

- How to improve your focus and ability to stay on task

- How to read between the lines

- Creative ways to include music in your learning and why it’s important

- How to use and improve your intuitive abilities for learning, research, and writing

- The “nuts and bolts” of bricolage so that you’re prepared for the next level

- Creative ways to “put the pieces together” (bricolage)

- A unique and individualized process for research and writing that works for you

- The skills needed to move to the next step of word magic

- BONUS! Free samples of A+ papers included


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